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This year into next, the Anger Project is transitioning from private to public by working with participants who want to be seen and heard. Multiple events are scheduled to take place in Tucson, Arizona March 2024,

(dates TBD). Event information and updates will be posted here. 

November 5-December 10, 2023:

Workshops are taking place in-person (Tucson) and virtual (Zoom) every Sunday. During workshops we dance, sing, paint, scream, draw, write, play, smash things and engage in a series of embodiment activities designed to bring us into deeper relationship with ourselves. Safety, anonymity and privacy are paramount to this work; I will not be recording anything during our time together nor will I be using other people's stories in any way, shape or fashion for the public events, unless desired by participants. For more information about workshops and/or to participate, please reach out via our contact page.

March 2023:

A series of events are scheduled to take place at CATALYST in Tucson, Arizona March 2024 (dates TBD). Plans include a works-in-progress showing/performance event (depending), workshops, forums, a film screening and more.


The Anger Project is currently creating a series of visual podcasts, each one highlighting someone's anger story through movement and conversation. For more information about visual podcasts and/or to participate, please reach out via our contact page.

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