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The Anger Project investigates the multiplicitous layers of anger and the ways it manifests in the body, researches deeply ingrained and policed societal conformities intended to suppress and control anger and works towards healing these wounds through movement explorations, embodiment activities and conversation. The Anger Project is currently in the research & development phase. ​

​During this phase the Anger Project is hosting a combination of on-line and in-person gatherings. During our workshops we dance, sing, paint, scream, draw, write, play, smash things and engage in a series of embodiment activities designed to bring us into deeper relationship with ourselves. Currently by invitation only, safety, anonymity and privacy are paramount to this work. Gatherings are small, by invitation only and sessions are not recorded. We have plans to begin recording this process with participants interested in the production phase soon. Material from the research and development phase will inform, and develop into, an evening length performance event - TBA.



Created by Haas in 2018, the Anger Project hosted two small-scale, unfunded pilot studies (January - March 2019 & January - June 2021) before receiving a Research and Development Grant through Arizona Commission on the Arts for 2022. Pilot studies involved hosting forums and movement workshops in Arizona (in-person) and Texas (on-line). Grant funds have been utilized to continue and expand upon this research. In 2022 the Anger Project facilitated 12 on-line workshops and 2 off-site activities (all free) and employed 4 facilitators.


In 2023 the Anger Project was invited to facilitate a workshop for the Center for Black, Brown, and Queer Studies annual pedagogy conference. Concurrently, the Anger Project facilitated five Camera-off, Self-directed, online meditations. Recently awarded an Opportunity Grant through Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Anger Project is currently working on a series of visual podcasts, each one highlighting someone's anger story through movement and conversation. If you would like to take part in a session/podcast, bring this project to your community or contribute in-kind/financially, please click on our contact page and send us a message​​. For more information about Haas, visit:


Photo by: Rachel Marie Photography

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