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The Anger Project investigates the multiplicitous layers of anger and the ways it manifests in the body, researches deeply ingrained and policed societal conformities intended to suppress and control anger and works towards healing these wounds through private workshops and public events that include movement/body research, conversation and film.


This process holds space for both private and public participation by working with participants who want to remain anonymous as well as those who want to be seen and heard. 


This project is a labor of love. It started out as a tiny seed of an idea way back in 2005 and finally germinated into something that could be developed in 2017. January - March 2019 the Anger Project hosted it's first small-scale, unfunded pilot study and January - June 2021 it's second; pilot studies involved a series of forums and movement workshops in Arizona (in-person) and Texas (on-line). In 2022 the Anger Project received its first grant funding - a Research and Development Grant through Arizona Commission on the Arts. Because of this grant funding, the Anger Project catalyzed into something more than an idea, scribbles in notebooks and private workshops with friends.
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Photo by: Rachel Marie Photography

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