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- Anonymous

"I haven't had many other times where I had the permission, invitation, or encouragement to feel it all, stay there in it, and share what I wanted. It's such a gift to be able to just go right ahead. Even more so to go right ahead and feel safe before, during, and after. With all the friends and family I have, going right ahead hasn't really been an option, so I cant express what a gift this has been."

- Colette C

"You have such a wonderful presence! It is inviting, gentle, caring, non-judgmental, curious, protective, and kind. Your presence creates a safe container to do this work. This is a big part of what makes this project magical and effective."

- Maria Renée Johnson

"The Anger Project provided a much-needed collective space to explore an emotion that is a universal experience yet one that we all have varied relationships with. Through these sessions, I developed more awareness about anger, trauma, the nervous system, and cultivated ways to tend to and better understand anger."

-Helen Lee

This invitation to look at my anger, grief, trauma and sorrow has allowed me permission to move into a deeper healing process of acceptance, compassion and joy. The beautiful connection and community built with you and others also on this journey gives me hope to move forward. Thank you for creating this very necessary project and a safe space for all of us to nurture and cradle the shaky, vulnerable parts of ourselves!
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